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Advantage Coatings manufactures and supplies premier waterborne and oil-modified polyurethane coatings for wood floors. The products are exceptionally durable and clear. Their formulations is unique, eco-friendly, and are built with the highest-quality raw materials.

BonaKemi makes environmentally friendly finishes and stains. Their water based finishes are non-toxic and odorless. We recommend a satin finish because of its ease of maintenance, however semi-gloss finishes are also available.

Magic Oil 2K is a perfect blend of natural oils and waxes that gives your floor the velvety look of an old waxed floor. It enhances the color and grain of the wood, and can be applied to any wood floor. This surface is great at repelling dirt and water, and is also easy to clean. Another advantage of using Magic Oil 2K is that it has a very quick drying time which means that you can start to enjoy the beauty of your wood floor sooner than you would with other products.

Pallman Finishes manufactures and supplies premier quality water based finishes. They are the leaders in the industry in quality re-coat systems.

Wood Floor Care Tips

Wood floors, properly finished, are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and new looking, unlike carpeted or resilient floors that show wear regardless of care. Wood floors can be kept looking like new, year after year, with minimum care.

Since the overwhelming majority of wood floors are composed of solid hardwood, the care guide applies specifically to this type of flooring.

What is minimum care? A good rule of thumb is to vacuum and/or dust mop weekly. A damp mop can be used for spills, and when necessary general cleanup on floors which have non-waxed polyurethane or a similar surface finish. When traffic areas of surface finishes begin to show significant wear, screening and re-coating an entire floor is the least involved choice of maintenance. If a floor is waxed, occasional buffing helps renew the shine and remove scuff marks that may appear in the wax coating. If the shine cannot be renewed in heavily used lanes, occasionaly re-waxing these areas may be necessary. Intervals for completely re-waxing a floor may extend to a year or longer when attention has been paid to proper care.

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