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Repair & Refinishing

Not only does Mark install new hardwood floors, but he also specializes in repairing and refinishing existing hardwood floors. Mark has been in business since 1990 and has refinished over 4000 floors. With his expertise in the field, Mark is able to repair flooring that has been damaged due to water stains, fire damage, or missing and broken boards that come with the aging of a floor. By selecting the same type of hardwood as the existing floor, Mark is able to repair the damage and create a finished product that blends in with the existing floor. For a more perfect match Mark uses reclaimed hardwood for many of his repairs and features a large inventory of reclaimed maple flooring.

In addition, refinishing your flooring is a great way to protect your investment. Whether you want a floor to regain that shine and luster that it once had, or maintain and protect the rustic look of an aged floor, Mark is able to accommodate your plan for your floor and provide it with the durability and beauty to last for years to come.

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